Steven (83-94)


Covenant student 1983-1994


As a 5 year old, I commenced my education at CCS very soon after the school had been established. I undertook my entire schooling at CCS and left further to completing 9 GCSE’s. I went on to study a degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering at UMIST (Manchester) and now work for an engineering company specialising in automation. Along with my family, we are members of a local church where I regularly lead services and preach.


 My time at CCS was pivotal in terms of shaping my world view. I was blessed to grow up in Christian family and was brought up by parents who served God wholeheartedly. The truth I was taught at home was further built on by the many teachers who taught me at school. It is an immense privilege to have been taught in an environment where God was at the centre of everything we learnt. In retrospect, I now realise that over and above what I was “formally” taught at CCS, the biggest impact on me personally was the example of those round me. Each day I saw adult believers take the time and effort to teach those younger than themselves about the amazing world in which we live along with the Creator who sustains all things.






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