Tim (92-03)

Tim BTim Brown

Covenant student 1992-2003


I was in and around CCS right from being a baby until I left in 2003. School left me with lots of great memories of the place and the people, and I'm very grateful for all the hard work and many prayers that I know went into my, and everyone else's, education and upbringing.


After completing a Biosciences degree in Nottingham I have ended up in Sheffield where I work most of my time for Acts 29 - a church planting network that seeks to see churches planted round the world, especially in places where there is little gospel presence. My job mainly involves graphic design and media/video production, telling stories of church planters and producing material for our conferences.


The church I am part of - The Crowded House - is what initially brought me to Sheffield. I am still very much involved here and since getting married in June 2014, I to my wife Sarah have moved to a poorer council estate in Sheffield. Our church is seeking to start a new church in this area within the next year or two to be a blessing to the people and seek to make Jesus' name known in an area where he currently isn't.


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